Venerdì 4 ottobre ore 22
Datura4 live – Hallelujah and praise the Rock Gods!
Nascono nel 2009 in Australia e ruotano intorno alle figure chiave di due musicisti cult della scena garage di Perth come Dom Mariani – Official leader storico dei The Stems e Greg Hitchcock già nei You Am I e nei New Christs.
ingresso 8e con tessera arci

Hanno appena pubblicato il terzo album “Blessed is the boogie”
dove mettono al centro dell’ obbiettivo il sound grezzo influenzato da hard rock, blues psych e garage. Canned Heat, ZZ Top e Humble Pie, ma anche Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult e i più recenti Radio Moscow, tutto frullato ad alta velocità in una prospettiva dal retrogusto decisamente acido e steso al sole del deserto australiano.
La band sta ottenendo ottime recensioni e dal vivo sono una bomba!

“These songs evoke a time in music history when rock was getting really loud…at the molten core of each is a chorus or riff that won’t let go…” The Australian

“Rocks so hard that if you are blasting it out of your car windows, you won’t even care if someone in a neighbouring car catches you headbanging…” Examiner.com US

“At the molten core of each is a chorus or riff that won’t let go… as psyched out, louder-than-Sabbath blues…” The Blues Magazine issue 22, BB King tribute edition UK

“A defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger” Rolling Stone Australia

“The quartet dives into a mess of psychedelic blues, filled to the gills with fuzzed up guitars and sturdy songwriting 4 stars” Weekend Australian

“Ball-busting Oz proto heavy rock…heartfelt psychedelicised blues-rock for the denim-clad delinquent in us all” Shindig Magazine UK

“A way smokin’ slab of psyched ‘n’ furious jams, powered by amped up to 11 guitars and straight up boogaloo” 9/10 Vive le Rock UK

“A spirit of early psychedelia breathes anew in the words and sounds of this Aussie four-piece 4 stars” Roots Music report US

“Datura4 have taken all that is good about the shrieking pounding and sonically proceeded them. A great find for Alive Naturalsound, and a better one for you”
Dave DiMartino, Executive editor of Yahoo Music US